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Old News! (2007)

December 24: Happy Holidays and a very happy new year to Fabergé enthousiasts all over the world!

December 19: Lots of New Free Fabergé Egg-cards!

December 7: Fabergé Museum in the Works; "The Link of Times Foundation is planning to build a Moscow museum for its collection, which among other art pieces comprises the best Fabergé collection in the world. Although the plan is still in its initial stages, Roman Thacker, director of the group has announced that discussions are already under way with the Moscow government"... Read more.

December 3: More Rothschild Fabergé Clock Eggs videos and links added.

November 30: Rothschild Fabergé Clock Egg sold!Story, Newspapers and videos.

November 13: Exhibitions updated.

November 1: Colored picture added of the Bonbonnière Egg with its surpises.

October 26: Frequently requested: About Miek smile ;-))

October 13: New images for the 1895 12 Monogram Egg and the 1917 Twilight Egg.

October 10: "Today, Fabergé Ltd is delighted to announce the historic reunification of the Fabergé brand with the Fabergé family. Consequently this officially re-unites the Fabergé name with direct descendants of the nineteenth century founder of the House of Fabergé, and sets the stage for a new generation of authentic Fabergé designs".... Read more on the Pallinghurst website!

October 6: Meet the Rothschild Fabergé Egg on mieks.com!

October 4, 2007: The previously unknown Rothschild Fabergé Egg will be auctioned at the 'Russian Works of Arts' sale on Nov. 28 with an estimated price of 6-9 million pounds... More info on Christie's Website!Site has a magnificent movie about the Egg, do not forget to view it!

September 30: Link of Times collection in Dubrovnik, Croatia from October 1 - November 11 - 2007! Go to "Exhibitions" for details!

August 27: Theo Fabergé died on August 20 - 2007.

August 25: Bones found by Russian builder finally solve riddle of the missing Romanovs... Go to article!

August 12: Section Applets renewed. Many new Applets added.

July 6: Two Egg Applets added, Applet Sunlight and Applet Slicer.

June 20: More clarity on the sale of the brand name Fabergé in this article!

June 7: The site is undergoing a major change at the moment. Some links might not work properly but in a couple of days all will be fine again!

May 28: More news about Fabergé Brand: article Times Online.

April 19: Instruction added on how to translate this website (and other websites) with Google Translate into various languages!

April 18: Now available in Spanish, the list with Fabergé Eggs!

April17: More on the Fabergé Brand name! http://www.themoscowtimes.com

April 16: Moscow News reports that Viktor Vekselberg, Russian billionaire and co-owner of UC Rusal aluminium giant and TNK-BP oil venture, has teamed up with the founder of BHP Billiton Brian Gilbertson to produce jewelry under the famous Faberge trademark, Russian daily Kommersant reported on Monday, April 16. See article to read more!

March 17: Easter EggCards now online!

March 14: Link of Times Eggs on exhib in Bari, Italy!

March 5, 2007: Rumours that Unilever has sold the brand name Fabergé are getting stronger! As soon as I can get this news confirmed you will find more on this extraordinary news here!

March 2007: The NOMA Gray Collection will be housed for a period of 5 years in the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in Nashville, Tennessee!!

February 10: New Fabergé EggCards!

February 7: Romanov Tercentenary Egg movie!

February 1: More movies! Fabergé Eggs Intro, The Alexander Palace Egg, The Renaissance Egg and more!

January 23: The Clover Leaf Egg in a small movie! Wow, learning something new, Adobe After-Effects, this is great!!

January 23: Picture added of the Renaissance Egg in original Case.

January 14: Egg forum removed ;-(( It was fun, but it was not funny people posting their medical subscriptions etc.

January 6: Picture added of the Kelch Bonbonnière Egg in original case.

Old News! (2006)

Happy New Year to you all! Click here for my wish to you!

December 2006 New Year's and Christmas EggCards added.

Novermber 25: Just for fun; a Fabergé Egg Quiz! Test your knowledge and learn from the answers!

November 23: Fabergé Egg "jigsaw" puzzles!

Picture added of the original Youssoupov Egg.

In Exhibitions, info about Genova and Beijing.

October 2006: Gatchina Palace Egg updated; in the "backgrounds" section there is now a link to a video clip of the Gathina Palace.

September 2006: Info about the reburial of Maria Fyodorovna in Saint Petersburg in "Mieks Travel Stories Saint Petersburg".

August, 2006 Interesting links and articles about the Zürich exhibition. News about the Vekselberg Collection in Whereabouts.

"Fabergé Egg Images" created with Adobe Photoshop

July 2006 Additional info about the Zürich exhibition.

June 24, Free eCard Service!
Free Fabergé Egg eCard Service! Send your friends or family a free eCard! Many more cards to come!

June 21 With permission of Messrs Wartski, beautiful photograph of the Nobel Ice Egg

Fabergé Eggs on Exhibitions in Switzerland and Finland  

May 2006Nobel Ice Egg
More background info.

April 2006
Coloured picture of the Kelch Bonbonnière Egg!

A lot of new Fabergé Eggs in Applets.

Very Old news (2004 - 2005)

Want to see what this site looked like when it started October 2004 and what new was in 2004 and 2005? Click here to see "Very Old news", (only in Dutch!)


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